Polyglot Language Teacher, Author & Poet.

Over 10 years of experience teaching language from Pre-K to High School with a stint in the Singapore Ministry of Education developing books, teaching aids such as card and board games and curriculum for the Malay language and teaching Higher Malay Language and Malay for Non-Native speakers at Raffles Girls School. I am also certified in teaching English with a Pass A in University of Cambridge’s CELTA. I speak English and Malay at C2 level, Mandarin at B1 level, Arabic at A2 level and Korean at A1 level. I have authored children’s story books used as textbooks at Singapore MOE Kindergartens and have had my poetry in English and Malay published in Singapore newspapers and anthologies in book form.

I help people become effective & confident communicators.

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Learning Language in a fun, practical and engaging way

With my experience as an educator, curriculum developer and game designer, I help turn any classroom from snooze to sensational. My students come away learning something practical which makes them effective and confident communicators.

Just like hundreds of students before you, let’s work together to help you be a great communicator!